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Smile Gallery

At Cavalancia Orthodontics, we’re proud to be the premier choice for braces in Johnstown and Indiana, PA. Our friendly and expert team of doctors and staff work diligently to provide fast, effective orthodontic treatment to each patient in a way that addresses all of their unique orthodontic situations. We also offer a range of treatment options, including invisible aligners, to suit each patient’s comfort and lifestyle.

We are proud to offer an in-house aligner treatment that can get patients results much sooner than other offices. Rather than waiting weeks for your trays, it could be a matter of days. Read our blogpost detailing our process and how you can get started. Here are a few case studies where our patients had successful results from our aligner treatment:

Aligner Treatment Case Studies

Case Study 1: Patient did not like the ‘overlapping appearance’ of her front teeth or the crowding on the bottom. 

Aligner treatment was used to restore her smile line and correct the crowding. 

Case Study 2: Patient was dissatisfied with the large gap present in her upper teeth and did not want to wear braces to close it.

Aligner treatment is ideally suited to close spaces and this large front space was closed in under 5 months. 

Case Study 3: Patient had an orthodontic issue that is a common complaint among adults. 

Crowding of the lower anterior teeth is easily treated with aligners. 

If you’ve been considering braces, Cavalancia Orthodontics in Johnstown and Indiana, PA, would love to help you today. See some of our successful smile transformations below, then contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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