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At Cavalancia Orthodontics, we want to ensure that your orthodontic treatment is not only the best quality, but that all of your questions are answered and you fully understand your braces or Invisible Aligners. Our skilled doctors and team encourage you to ask as many questions as possible, after all this is your orthodontic treatment. Both our orthodontist offices in Johnstown and Indiana will provide you with excellent orthodontic care, timely and informative appointments, and friendly, welcoming staff to help with all of your questions or concerns. Call our team in Johnstown and Indiana to schedule your next consultation!

Check out the most commonly asked questions and answers about orthodontic treatment below. If you do not find your question, please call our orthodontist in Johnstown or Indiana and we will be happy to help! If you have questions about your braces or Invisible Aligners, contact Cavalancia Orthodontics in Johnstown and Indiana. We will be more than happy to assist you! Schedule your next appointment today. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


Yes! However certain sticky and hard foods should be avoided during orthodontic treatment.

Immediately following orthodontic treatment, retainers must be worn 24/7!! After a few weeks, this wear time will be gradually reduced until only nighttime wear is recommended.

Certain common orthodontic emergencies can be handled at home.

  • A “poky” wire or bracket hook that irritates the lips or mouth can usually be treated by placing orthodontic wax over the area.
  • If a wire is protruding, carefully take a blunt instrument (like a pencil eraser) to gently push the wire under the brackets.
  • If a bracket becomes broken or loose, but is still attached to the wire, leave it in place. If it comes out, save the bracket and call our office to have it fixed.
  • General soreness is common, especially following an appointment. A warm saltwater rinse and or Tylenol can help alleviate this.

If you are ever in doubt, do not hesitate to call our office!

Retainers can be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. For a more thorough cleaning, soaking in products like Polident Partials or Efferdent are also effective. DO NOT soak in any product containing alcohol like Listerine or mouthwashes. DO NOT use warm water, it can warp the retainers.

Some slight discomfort or “tightness” can be expected following the placement of orthodontic appliances. This discomfort usually subsides after 48-72 hours.

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