Invisible Aligner Treatment

Aligners are a removable, nearly invisible appliance that can be used to treat a variety of orthodontic cases. An intra-oral scanner eliminates the need for impressions and captures a three-dimensional, digital model of your teeth. Using custom software, our doctors can digitally manipulate the position of teeth with increased precision.

Our doctor’s ability to personally customize aligner treatment, sets us apart from other practices that rely on 3rd party laboratories to accomplish this. With a 3D printer in the office, we are able to control the entire process and provide the most efficient and cost-effective treatment.

Starting Aligner treatment is quick and easy! After an exam by one of our doctors and a set of records we can determine if Aligner treatment is right for you. The next step involves an intra-oral scan of your teeth, which typically takes less than 5 minutes and eliminates the need for an impression. The scan provides us with a digital model of your teeth and we are then ready to begin your custom Aligner treatment. Our in-house 3D printer allows us to fabricate your custom set of aligners within just a few days.

Typically patients will be required to wear each Aligner anywhere from 7-14 days each, depending on the severity of the case. Some general soreness or “tightness” usually accompanies each transition to a new Aligner. However, the esthetic and nearly invisible appearance of the Aligners, as well as the improved hygiene, have quickly made this treatment option highly sought after.

We pride ourselves in having the most state of the art technology in this treatment arena. Not only is the patient experience improved, but the treatment rendered is completely customized. Instead of sending the case to a technician, our doctors take the time to tailor each and every patient’s treatment plan, depending on their needs.