Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

cavalancia orthodontic treatment johnstown & indiana paCavalancia Orthodontics provides world-class care to children, adults and families in southwestern Pennsylvania. We deliver this care through groundbreaking dental technologies and the latest orthodontic methods in a warm and friendly environment. Our menu of services includes invisible aligners, retainers, orthodontic appliances and braces for Indiana, Johnstown and surrounding communities. We’re dedicated to helping our patients achieve beautiful smiles, improving their health and boosting their confidence. 

Understanding the Benefits of Treatment

Orthodontic treatment offers many great benefits for people of all ages. There are obvious cosmetic improvements: straighter teeth, more consistent spacing and an overall improved appearance. Naturally, this encourages more smiling, a self-assured outlook and greater self-esteem. Both can lead to more positive experiences at school, on the job and in social settings. 

Yet there are also practical advantages. Treatment can prompt the correction of your jaw, facial bones and tissues, giving you a better bite. You can more easily eat, drink and speak after orthodontic therapies have achieved results. With proper ongoing care, you’ll also reduce the potential for serious dental problems and complications later in life. 

Exploring Your Options

As part of our mission to deliver high-quality customized care, we provide a wide range of orthodontic therapies. This flexibility allows our doctors to craft personalized treatment plans that suit each patient’s dental and financial needs. The process begins with an initial consultation and dental exam, along with sophisticated 3D imaging captured by our intra-oral scanner. Our doctors study the results, supply a diagnosis and inform you of potential options: 

Traditional metal braces are now smaller, lighter and more comfortable than before. These new designs offer effective alignment correction with a sleeker look. Other discrete methods include clear ceramic braces, which seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth, and lingual braces that attach to the back of your dental arches. Invisible aligners are undetectable by the casual observer and slowly move teeth into proper position through a series of clear aligner trays. 

Your First Steps to a Beautiful Healthy Smile

For more than 30 years, the compassionate care team of Cavalancia Orthodontics has helped patients in Southwest Pennsylvania achieve their best possible smiles. To find out more about invisible aligners or braces in Johnstown, complete our appointment request forms for either our Indiana or Johnstown offices. Got questions? You can also phone our Indiana office at (724) 463-7700 or our Johnstown location at (814) 254-4026. We look forward to meeting with you!