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How Long Does Invisible Aligner Treatment Take?

April 2, 2019
Posted By: Cavalancia Orthodontics Team

How Long Does Invisible Aligner Treatment Take?

When you decide you’re ready to begin orthodontic treatment, it can be a very exciting time. Beginning orthodontic treatment means you’ve made the decision to work toward a healthier smile you can be proud of. However, it can sometimes be frustrating that just when you’re ready to dive right into your braces or invisible aligner treatment, the process can feel very long and drawn out. However, the doctors and staff at Cavalancia Orthodontics understand that when you’ve decided to improve your smile through orthodontic treatment, you’re ready to jump right in and get started. That’s why we’ve developed a better system for orthodontic treatment with our Invisible Aligner Treatment.


Invisible Aligner Treatment in Johnstown and Indiana, PA

With traditional forms of invisible aligners, it can take upwards of 4 weeks to receive your clear aligners after impressions have been taken. At Cavalancia Orthodontics, we’ve streamlined that process by bringing it all in-house, right in our office! We begin our process by taking an intra-oral scan of your teeth, typically taking around 10-15  minutes to complete. Once your orthodontist has completed this scan, we use our in-office 3-D printer to create your series of Invisible Aligner Treatment trays. As opposed to most invisible aligners, Cavalancia Orthodontics typically has your completed set of Invisible Aligner Treatment trays ready for you in a matter of days!

Simple, Fast Invisible Aligner Treatment

Once you receive your set of Invisible Aligners from your orthodontist, you can immediately begin your orthodontic treatment. Typically you’ll be required to wear your Invisible Aligner trays for 22 hours per day, only removing them to eat, brush, and floss. Each set of Invisible Aligners is worn for roughly 7-14 days ― depending on your orthodontist’s directions ― before it’s switched out for the next set of aligners in your progression. Average treatment time for most aligner cases is 6 months, with some cases finishing faster and others taking a few additional months.  Overall, Invisible Aligner Treatment typically takes about 12 months to complete, though the length of treatment is dependent on the severity of your case.

The Benefits of Invisible Aligner Treatment

Invisible Aligners from your Johnstown and Indiana orthodontist offer a variety of benefits over more traditional forms of braces. Invisible Aligners offer a more comfortable, convenient treatment experience, as opposed to traditional forms of braces with uncomfortable brackets and wires. Invisible Aligners also offer the added benefit of discretion, for those who are looking to improve the quality of their smiles without a mouth full of unsightly metal ― nobody will even know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment! Learn about the many additional benefits of teeth straightening with Invisible Aligners from your orthodontist, or take a moment to view our Smile Gallery to see the results we've brought through our treatment. Examples of Aligner Treatment At Cavalancia Orthodontics

Prior Orthodontic Treatment. The patient had orthodontic treatment as a teenager and failed to wear her retainers as an adult. She had relapse with severe lower crowding. She was treated in under 6 months  without the need for braces again.

Patient Before Treatment


Patient After Treatment

Busy Mom. This patient never had orthodontic treatment and was unhappy with her teeth but didn’t think orthodontics was an option for her. She is a busy working mom and didn’t want an altered lifestyle to achieve a straighter smile. She was treated with custom aligners in just 5 months. They are discrete and easily managed.

Patient Before Treatment


Patient After Treatment

If you'd like to see more case studies, take a moment to view our Smile Gallery to see the results we've brought through our treatment.

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