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Why Mouthguards Are Important For Orthodontic Care

August 13, 2018
Posted By: Will Edmonson

Today’s Pennsylvania children, teens, and adults are more active than ever. Children are beginning sports activities at an earlier age - whether they’re hitting the ice at the Indiana S& T Bank Arena or with the Johnstown Tomahawks or grabbing a bat and glove to experience the passion brought on by the Altoona Curve Baseball team. Families are opting for active outings like sliding down the coolest slides at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park in Johnstown or at Mack Park Pool in Indiana. Even adults, attempting a healthier lifestyle, are joining recreational sports at the Indiana or Johnstown Community YMCA. Participating in activities is great, but if you have braces, your local orthodontist recommends adding a mouthguard to your list of sports gear.

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What Is A Mouthguard?

According to an American Association of Orthodontists survey, 84 percent of children don’t wear mouthguards while playing organized sports because they are not required to wear them. At Cavalancia Orthodontics, the orthodontists and staff work every day to bring new, beautiful smiles to the residents of Indiana and Johnstown. They want to protect that work and believe a well-fitted mouthguard can bring that protection. Mouthguards are clear, soft plastic covers that are specially made to fit over your braces teeth and gums, protecting them from injury when playing a sport or involved in an activity.


Why Do I Need A Mouthguard?

  • Protect Your Mouth From Cuts. Mouthguards are especially important for braces-wearers because the sharp edges of the brackets can severely cut your mouth, cheeks, lips and tongue upon impact. The doctors at Cavalancia Orthodontics suggest their patients in braces wear an orthodontic mouthguard at all ages and for all sports or activities with potential contact. This special type of mouthguard can be fitted by your Johnstown orthodontist to properly cover both your upper and lower teeth. Most regular mouthguards only cover your top teeth. Orthodontic mouthguards have features specifically for people who wear braces. Rather than the “boil and bite” type of guards, this one has flanges that you bite down on to hold it in your mouth. It also has large rubber flanges that go up under the lips to keep the lips from being pushed into the brackets.
  • Prevent Damage To Your Braces Appliances. Wearing a an orthodontic mouthguard made by your orthodontist will protect your mouth as well as the braces themselves. An impact to your mouth could break your braces or archwire. This may require a repair appointment with your Cavalancia Orthodontics offices in Johnstown or Indiana, PA. This can also cost you more time to repair.
  • Keep Teeth Unharmed. Losing any of your teeth can negatively impact the way you eat, the way you talk and your self-confidence when you go about your daily life. An athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer damage to the teeth if he or she is not wearing a mouthguard, according to the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries. Even during non-contact activities, there is danger of falling. A blow to the mouth can knock out permanent teeth, permanently.
  • Prevent Jaw Fractures & Dislocations. When you’re on the hockey rink, there’s always a chance you could get a blow to the face. While you are protected with a helmet, a hockey stick at any angle could cause a fracture or dislocation of your jaw. This can not only be extremely painful, it can slow or halt your entire braces treatment.


Call Your Johnstown & Indiana Orthodontist For Details!

Regardless of your activity, age or type of mouthguard you choose, the doctors at Cavalancia Orthodontics hope you will begin wearing one for activities and sports once you start braces treatment. The American Dental Association reports that mouthguards prevent an estimated 200,000 injuries every year. To learn more about the types of mouthguards you can get from your orthodontist, give us a call at (814) 254-4637 in Johnstown or (724) 463-7700 in Indiana. We’re here to help you have the best, and safest, orthodontic treatment possible.

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