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What To Expect When Getting Your Braces Removed

May 9, 2020
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What To Expect When Getting Your Braces Removed

You've been waiting for this day to arrive, and today is the day — you're getting your braces off! While you are happy the big day is here, you may also feel a little nervous because you don't know what to expect. You may be wondering if it's going to hurt, or maybe you're concerned about what your teeth are going to look like. The experts at Cavalancia Orthodontics want you to understand the process for removing your braces, as well as what you will need to do once they are removed.

What is the Process for Getting Braces Off?

Your orthodontist in Johnstown will use orthodontic pliers to squeeze the base of each bracket that breaks the bonding adhesive to remove the bracket. It's normal to hear some cracking noises as the cement bond is being broken from the tooth. Once all of the brackets are removed, the bonding cement will be scraped away with a special dental tool, which will also polish the enamel of your teeth.

Most people report that getting their braces removed was painless. You will likely feel a little pressure as the brackets are being broken from your teeth, and you may also experience some sensitive spots as the cement is being removed, but overall the process is painless.

What Happens After I Get My Braces Off?

Your mouth may feel a little different after your braces come off because you have a new bite, and it will be the first time in a while that you will feel the smooth surface of your teeth. Your teeth may also feel a little sensitive, but this should subside in a few days.

You will also be fitted for a retainer to make sure that beautiful new smile doesn't start shifting. Your Indiana orthodontist will advise you on when you need to wear the retainer. Some people wear it all day and night, and others may wear it only at night. The good part is that you can remove it when you eat or if you have to speak in public. You should wear it as often as possible so that your teeth don't start moving out of alignment.

Take good care of your retainer by brushing it at least twice a day. Like any other surface in your mouth, your retainer can harbor bacteria, so you will want to keep it clean.

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